Cheap Oregon Property

Have you been looking for Oregon property for sale?

National Parks. Parcels of land located in Klamath County where you will find Crater Lake National Park, The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road (one of seventeen best drives in the United States) and Oregon’s City of Sunshine, Klamath Falls. It makes it nice to go out and enjoy nature or just sit on your parcel and take it all in there.

Camp or Build. You may use your parcel for a camping getaway or to build a cabin or dream house. All of our listings are located within a legal subdivision and are zoned for residential use. All of our properties have also been surveyed and have road access directly to the lot.

Wildlife. The wetlands and woodlands of the vast Klamath Basin nurture a staggering array of wildlife. Millions of migrating birds, navigating the Pacific Flyway, rest and refuel in the region’s seven National Wildlife Refuges. Many of the parcels regularly have deer on it with grazing or taking a drink at the stream.

As a family we have continued as a third and fourth generation family selling land. It is because of this long history of acquiring land at reduced costs that we are able to offer this land for sale to our customers at a huge savings.

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